Thursday, October 05, 2006

Journey to the northern hemishpere. Part 2.

Yes. I know it has been a long time last since I stopped blogging about my trip to the States. Since I got the free time now (during exam week), why not continue where I'd stopped?

Previously, I was blogging about California , now, I'm gonna blog about my next stop - Las Vegas. =)

As we all know, Las Vegas is known as the "sin city" where all saints will turn to sinners by the name of gambling. ;P

Well, I think I should let the pictures do the talking. A picture speaks a thousand words. You might wanna grab a cup of coffee.

Caesars Palace - Day

Caesars Palace - Night

Atlantis - The lost city performance @ Caesars Palace

The Colleseum @ The Caesars Palace where Celine Dion holds her concert.

The Paris Tower - Day

The Paris Tower - Night

The Aladdin Hotel

*Forgotten what it is called.*


The Bellagio sign

The Bellagio Hotel

Hidden garden in The Bellagio Hotel

Limos everywhere!

Waiting for the musical fountain to start.

Musical Fountain @ The Bellagio Hotel

Night Scenery from The Bellagio Hotel

They say that the water in the lake is the recycled water from The Bellagio Hotel.*Believe it or not!*

Part of The Strip

The famous Volcano Eruption @ The Mirage Hotel.

The Venetian*Van-ni-sion* Hotel - A hotel with the theme of Venice.

Salsa Dance Party @ The Rio Hotel

Sexy belly dancers! =)

Fremont Street

The Golden Nugget Hotel

Starbucks everywhere, everywhere Starbucks.

My accomodation in Las Vegas.


Blogger tysern said...

yerr...i wanna go la. anyway, i think the venetian is great. saw a documentary on it b4

12:21 AM  
Blogger .:pàt®!¢k:. said...

yup..they have an indoor cannal.

8:18 AM  

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