Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A change for good.

Shifted my blog to Hornian Enthalphy powered by WordPress for the moment.

This blog's HTML is kinda screwed up and it lags all the time.

Enjoy! =)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mid Autumn Festival

If today is Saturday and tomorrow will be Sunday, the day after Sunday will be Monday and yesterday was Friday. So, if today is the 7th of October, yesterday was 6th of October.

6th of October 2006 was mid-autumn festival a.k.a mooncake festival. I was so bored on a Friday night, hence calling out my gay-mates is the on solution to cure the boredom. As usual, we do things at the very last minute. Let us say, I organised the "yum cha" session one and a half hours before the actual thing. =)

Gee was the driver of the night. And who is gee? This is gee.
Gee will never hesitate in showing you his "middle finger" during a photography session.

And he drove his ten year old Nissan Sunny will an empty fuel tank *nearly*.

E for enough according to him.

The four of us - Gee, me, Weny and Zhan Sheng went to the nearby mamak for supper. Alright, Williams will be the correct location.

Me, Weny and ZS

Williams is our favourite hang out mamak will varieties of food ranging from normal mamak mee gorengs, western food and even italian food. We were quite full after a hearty dinner due to the mooncake festival celebrations. Therefore, light food was ordered for the night.


Rust Potatoes
"Rust-potatoes" according to Williams

Guess the price. This savoury costed me RM5. But it was definitely better than the Large mashed potatoes you ordered in KFC.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Bacon Mozzarella Naan

Bacon Mo mo mozzarella Naan

One of my favourites in Williams. Filling and cheap. For only RM7, you get to savour every single piece of it. The reason they called it mozzarella naan is because mozzarella cheese is used in the making. Hence, the cheesy feeling when you eat it.


It's like eating pizza, Indian style! =)

Later that night, Agnes messaged and told me her group of friends were playing lantern at the nearby park. We were too bored to go home so early, therefore we proceeded to fun-stop no.2 . Meanwhile, I had found a baseball bat in Gee's car.

My new friend - Basey

I enjoy playing with sticks. Rubbing sticks is just so Orgasmic. =)
The Park

Candles are essential during mooncake festival.

A calm and peaceful place turned to pandemonium with the guys around.

ZS mimicking the statue of liberty

Up-up and away

Gay asses humping the see-saw

Trying to pull out a "Whatever" stunt.

Humpty Dumpty crushed his own balls.

As I said, I like playing with sticks. =)

The skate-boarding duos pulling out stunts:



"Let me suck out your soul", says the doombringer.

And my personal favourite picture.

David Blaine's levitation

Alright, time to eat my breakfast a.k.a Char Kuey Teow. Chiaoz!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Journey to the northern hemishpere. Part 2.

Yes. I know it has been a long time last since I stopped blogging about my trip to the States. Since I got the free time now (during exam week), why not continue where I'd stopped?

Previously, I was blogging about California , now, I'm gonna blog about my next stop - Las Vegas. =)

As we all know, Las Vegas is known as the "sin city" where all saints will turn to sinners by the name of gambling. ;P

Well, I think I should let the pictures do the talking. A picture speaks a thousand words. You might wanna grab a cup of coffee.

Caesars Palace - Day

Caesars Palace - Night

Atlantis - The lost city performance @ Caesars Palace

The Colleseum @ The Caesars Palace where Celine Dion holds her concert.

The Paris Tower - Day

The Paris Tower - Night

The Aladdin Hotel

*Forgotten what it is called.*


The Bellagio sign

The Bellagio Hotel

Hidden garden in The Bellagio Hotel

Limos everywhere!

Waiting for the musical fountain to start.

Musical Fountain @ The Bellagio Hotel

Night Scenery from The Bellagio Hotel

They say that the water in the lake is the recycled water from The Bellagio Hotel.*Believe it or not!*

Part of The Strip

The famous Volcano Eruption @ The Mirage Hotel.

The Venetian*Van-ni-sion* Hotel - A hotel with the theme of Venice.

Salsa Dance Party @ The Rio Hotel

Sexy belly dancers! =)

Fremont Street

The Golden Nugget Hotel

Starbucks everywhere, everywhere Starbucks.

My accomodation in Las Vegas.